Training or FAQ's

We also have some training available to help you understand the booking process.



Installation Help

Please run SETUP.exe to install the application.

If you encounter error installing the application please follow given steps,

*** Install following first,



*** Run Setup.exe now



How do we create Login Ids ?

You can create or amend operator information from  à   Setup Cab Office à Maintain Driver / Operator menus

The default username and password details are,

Username:  admin

Password :  admin

How do we create drivers ?

You can create or amend driver information from  à   Setup Cab Office  à Maintain Driver / Operator menus

By default admin is the only driver available for selection during job creation process however you can create or amend this information from the mentioned area.

How do we Make booking ?

Click on Make booking from the main screen and then fill all the necessary fields, click on Save to save the job that will appear on the main screen. (Job will remain appearing on the main screen list until marked as completed.)

How do we delete a job?

On the Job screen you wish to delete, click on MARK JOB AS DELETED button in dark pink colour

(This action is very important for redundant jobs as jobs not deleted successfully will appear in the invoices and Driver wage calculation sheet)

How can we filter on the main screen ?

You can select filtration options and then simply click on REFRESH button or F5 to display the data with your selected options.

What is the difference between Fare & MFare, Extra  & MExtra, Carpark & MCarpark  ?

You may wish to pay the driver different amount then what you get from the customer therefore your total earning reports will be created from MXXXX fields and driver calculation will be based on Fare, Extra and Carpark fields.

How do we create customer invoice ?

Goto à Reports à Invoices àCustomer Invoice and select the option you wish to use in your invoicing process.

How does vehicle related expiry system works?

Goto à Expiry System à Vehicle expiry List, by default one entry is available to show you an example of existing entry, the item displayed in red colour refers to item(s) are expired or expiring in 15 days, column item displayed in yellow colour refers to item is expiring in 30 days.

Click on Add to add new item and fill the boxes with required values.

How do we add driver related expiry entries?

Goto à Expiry System à Driver expiry List à Add, you need to have driver details already added as explained above to make a selection.

Fill the relevant fields to setup the warnings, the item displayed in red colour means item(s) are expired or expiring in 15 days, column item displayed in yellow colour refers to item is expiring in 30 days.

Can I create PDF version of customer invoice to attach in an email ?

Yes you can create PDF version of invoice by selecting PDF writer when you print an invoice, a free version of PDF writer “WinPDF” is available in your install directory, you need to install it separately if you wish to use this feature. 

How can I connect to the dongle ?

Before enabling SMS you need to buy a dongle and connect it to your PC with sim card in it. We recommend "Huawei E180" as its not too expensive and does the job without any problem.

Once dongle is connected you need to know what Port its connected to, you can find that out from Control panel -> Phone and Modem -> Modem Tab [This tab will show you your listed modem and port number its connected to]

How do I enable SMS ?

Goto Setup Cab Office -> Configure Dispatch -> Select Dispatch by SMS

Goto Setup Cab Office -> SMS Setting -> Select the port as identified in the previous question and Click on Open button.

System will confirm through message that Port successfully opened, enter the phone number in the Phone number box and and type test in the comments box.

Click on Test SMS button , you should notice a SMS on your phone. Click on Close to close the dialog.

Now you have connected your dongle to the application to send SMS [Make sure you need to follow connecting process everytime you close the application because connection break on application close ]