In the early ages transportation service was not as good as it is now. It takes a couple of days to travel from one village/city to another. Which is very hectic and time consuming. But in today’s era revolution came to this field as well. Machines and outstanding inventions saved your precious time as well as travelling stress. Previously people has to use local transport or taxi to go from one place to another if they don’t have their own conveyance. Which is kind of hectic as one has to go outside to taxi stand or find a taxi.

But now with “Careem” this burden has been relieved as well. Now with the help of your cell-phone you can book your very own private hire taxi anywhere by just a single click. That saved your precious time and energy. There are majority of people who doesn’t want anyone to know if they are going anywhere through taxi as we know in the past one can easily identify taxi. So this makes them feel uncomfortable. But at “Careem” you feel like this is your own car and nobody can identify either it’s a taxi service or his personal car.

In the beginning “Careem” maintained its standards for providing excellent taxi service for quite some time. But now as the time passes things are getting changed. A mountain of complain that “Careem” has to bear every single day. It’s not always “Careem” some customers also do the wrong things but if we make a comparison majority of complains referring to the behavior of their captains. In the beginning they make sure that every single captain was bound to attend the training session till the end. So that when he/she go into the field they have a complete knowledge and how to tackle different situations professionally.

Well but unfortunately when some business become famous they started lacking in their management system. As long as they getting business they don’t bother such type of complains, which is what happening with “Careem” now. Once can easily register as a captain and can come to field for the very next day without even attending the training sessions. Since they don’t have proper knowledge and that’s what makes things even worse. Most of time captains accept the ride and ask customer for their destination, and if it far away they ask them to cancel the ride which customer did and got hit a penalty.

Not just this there are certain rules that captains has to follow but they don’t in actual. They tried to make the ride as long as they can for the sake of their commission. They drive slowly and take longer routes on purpose. Mountain of such complains has been generated every single through-out the country but still no serious action has been taken against such.

Careem is now losing its popularity by not addressing such complains efficiently. Which is why other services are getting in to the zone now and providing better services as what “Careem” in the beginning with relatively less fare and excellent chauffeuring services. If the trend of above complain goes on for quite some time then the extinction of “Careem” is not far.