Whatsapp messaging

Tired of sending expensive messages to customers abroad OR customers messaging you at stupid o’clock ?

Here’s how to solve it. 

User your business number to set up Business WhatsApp (which is a completely SEPARATE App to your personal WhatsApp).

Your customers can then WhatsApp your business number and the messages will go to your Business WhatsApp. Then on Business WhatsApp you can set your opening hours so they get an automated reply if they message you outside your opening hours!.

It also means clients won’t have your personal number. Business WhatsApp also has features such as Automated Replies, Customer Labels, Catalog & more to help you take control of your business messages with ease.

Steps on how to set up the Business WhatsApp:

  1. Make sure you have a business number available
  2.  Download Business WhatsApp Android and iPhone.
  3. During setup, you’ll be asked to confirm your WhatsApp Business number. Make sure you select “Use a different number”, and then enter your business number.  
    Note : This is a REALLY important step. Don’t just use your personal mobile number during set up as it’s already being used as your personal WhatsApp number. Make sure you enter your business number during set up
  4. You will then see a 1-2 minute countdown timer. Wait until the timer has reached zero then click the “Call Me” option. You will then receive a call telling you the verification code
  5. Enter the verification code into the App.

That’s it! You now have two apps on your mobile, one for business messages, and another for personal messages. You can make this whats app setup on your PC too so TBMS can utilise it for free to send messages via TBMS. Share whats app ICON added on all SMS dialogs.